About INX

INX is a celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit. Indiana is ranked #4 for Quality of Life, #1 for our Regulatory Environment, #2 for Software Job Growth, and #10 Best Places to do Business. We are also #5 for Direct Foreign Investment. Indianapolis is ranked #3 for Tech Jobs for Women, and Central Indiana is home to 4 of the top 25 Best Places to Live in America, which includes the #1 ranking, Fishers. This is only the beginning of the story, for there is much more to share.

To put it simply: INX is a Hoosier cultural symbiosis, designed to celebrate entrepreneurs. The word, "entrepreneur", from the french entreprendre, meaning: to undertake. INX celebrates the entrepreneur, those inspired visionaries: those who take risks. INX is a convergence of possibility. Many partnering organizations come together to make it happen. We are a capstone event for early-stage companies to share their story from the INX stage, including the Venture Club of Indiana’s annual Innovation Showcase.

INX is where entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and the ecosystem that supports growth gathers to inspire, innovate, and invest in the ideas that will transform tomorrow.